4-Day Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Diagnostics Course


This course is an advanced step in HEV analysis, diagnostics, and repair. 








The operation of High Voltage (HV) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems such as the battery pack, electric transmission motor-generator units, power inverter and control system, and the dc-dc Converter can significantly affect vehicle fuel economy, performance and overall powertrain efficiency without illuminating a Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to alert the customer. Therefore, it is vitally important to test HV system systems and components State-of-Health (SOH) to enhance performance or determine if a repair is necessary, whether testing an in or out of warranty vehicle. Since SOH services are not performed by the OEM dealers this provides an excellent opportunity for the Aftermarket to satisfy this important customer need. Scan tool data is of minimal use in SOH diagnostics since most HV system diagnostics are typically calibrated to illuminate the only when a catastrophic problems or end-of-life is imminent, and there are few PIDs that can provide necessary SOH data. The HV SOH testing metrics diagnostics include battery pack power and energy capacities, electric motor-generator stator and rotor, power inverter and motor controls systems, and dc-dc Converter performance. 


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Schedule of Training



July 8-11, 2014

The AR&D Training Center (Fitchburg, WI)


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